Kamala Harris wants to know where Trump owes money. She can just Google it

Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris of California still has not Googled President Trump’s publicly available financial disclosure forms — at least, that is the only thing that explains why she suggested Wednesday during the vice presidential debate that we do not know where the president owes money.

Kamala Harris sitting on a table

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“It would be really good,” said Harris. “to know who the president of the United States, the commander-in-chief, owes money to.”


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As I have written before, a comprehensive breakdown of the president’s liabilities can be found in his 2019 public financial disclosure (see page 35), which was released this summer by the Office of Government Ethics. The institutions to which Trump owes a great deal of money include Ladder Capital Finance LLC, Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, Amboy Bank, and Chicago Unit Acquisition LLC.

It is all there. You just need to try a

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finance – Google Search

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How to Track your Portfolio in Google Finance

How to Track your Portfolio in Google Finance

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Another benefit for investors who use the internet as a research tool is its ability to give you an organized experience customized to the securities in your investment portfolio.

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Getting started with Google

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