Europcar Mobility Group Announces the Amendment of the Solicitations in Respect of Its Senior Notes and EC Finance plc’s Senior

  Europcar Mobility Group Announces the Amendment of the Solicitations in
  Respect of Its Senior Notes and EC Finance plc's Senior Secured Notes

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PARIS -- October 9, 2020

Regulatory News:

On September 30, 2020, Europcar Mobility Group (Paris:EUCAR) (together with
its consolidated subsidiaries, the “Group”) announced soliciting consents in
respect of its Senior Notes and the Senior Secured Notes (the
“Solicitations”). As previously disclosed, the purpose of the Solicitations is
to permit the Group to amend the Senior Notes and the Senior Secured Notes
documentation such that the Group would have the option to request the
appointment of a mandataire ad hoc and/or a conciliateur with respect to one
or more of the main holding companies of the Group without such action
constituting a Default or an Event of Default under the Senior Notes and the
Senior Secured Notes documentation.

On October 8, 2020, Europcar Mobility Group announced that 
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Digital Bank + DeFi may become a pivot point levering traditional finance

SILICON VALLEY, Calif., Oct. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The release of digital currencies by the People’s Bank of China may cultivate users’ habit of using personal digital encrypted wallets, which will promote the popularization of block chain digital assets and Defi to a certain degree. Therefore, the GSR Matrix Fund invited Ender Xu (GSR Matrix Fund Managing partner), Bertie (Jackdaw Capital  CEO), and Edge Wang(blockchain technology and financial technology expert) to discuss whether the point of integrating traditional and digital finance is dawning.


  • Almost all financial services, such as stock transactions, derivatives, mortgages and loans, that only involve the transaction level of the industry, have corresponding plans from DeFi. Its transparency and feature of permissionless may in fact make the regulatory authorities more reassured, so will the users be, who invest with their money, as assets are locked through smart contracts, greatly reducing the likelihood of moral
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Nurses reject Alberta Health Services’ proposal to again delay labour talks: Finance minister

The United Nurses of Alberta (UNA) has “rejected stability during a pandemic” by demanding labour talks next month, charges Alberta’s finance minister.

Dennis Franchione wearing a suit and tie: Finance Minister Travis Toews.

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Finance Minister Travis Toews.

Finance Minister Travis Toews in a Thursday afternoon news release said he is “extremely disappointed” with UNA leadership’s rejection of Alberta Health Services’ (AHS) proposal to delay labour negotiations.

But the UNA says enough time has gone by since the leadership agreed to press pause on collective agreement negotiations when the pandemic struck the province in March. Now, it’s asking AHS to resume bargaining talks Nov. 16.

AHS “rejected that proposal, instead suggesting that the two bargaining teams next meet on March 31, 2021,” the union said in a Thursday statement.

“UNA declined the AHS position to delay negotiations until 2021, as well as an offer to delay layoffs until that date. UNA believes that any layoffs should be

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OECD’s digital tax proposals gain broad support, German finance minister sa

a man wearing a suit and tie sitting at a desk

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More than 130 countries have agreed on a plan for reforms of global corporate taxation, which is due to be discussed by G20 finance ministers next week.

The OECD has been working on plans to introduce rules for businesses to pay tax where they do business rather than where they are registered. They represent the biggest overhaul of international tax rules in a generation.

Read more: The digital services tax is targeting the wrong companies

The two-pillar plan discussed this week addresses how big technology companies are taxed. Pillar 1 would reallocate the profits of some of these firms, while the second pillar would create a global minimum tax rate.

The organisation estimates it could bring in an additional $100bn (£77.2bn) in national tax revenues a year.

Video: Government sets out plans for a new points-based immigration system (Birmingham Mail)

Government sets out plans for

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HDFC, Chola Finance to CreditAccess Grameen, Here is what HSBC prefers in diversified financial services sector

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HSBC says new business is gradually recovering with fresh disbursals across segments touching 50-70% of pre Covid-19 levels. They say now the key focus is likely to shift on post moratorium collection efficiencies, they expect most players will continue to increase their provisions. Within the NBFC space, HSBCs preferred picks are HDFC Ltd, Chola Finance and CreditAccess Grameen.

Retail loans witnessing a gradual recovery:

As the economy is gradually opening up post the pandemic, HSBC observes a gradual uptick in retail loan demand. Segments such as two-wheelers, passenger cars, and individual home loans continue to witness healthy demand improvement on a MoM basis. Within other auto loan segments, tractors, light commercial vehicles (LCVs) and used vehicles are also witnessing improved demand. Meanwhile, momentum in the heavy commercial vehicles (HCV) and construction equipment (CE) segment remains slow. Demand in the microfinance segment is not as big

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Chicago Fed President Charles Evans speaks with Yahoo Finance [Transcript]

Charles Evans, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, spoke with Yahoo Finance to discuss the economic implications of no fiscal stimulus and what lies ahead for Fed policy.


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Below is a transcript of his appearance, taped on Oct. 8 and aired on Oct. 9.

BRIAN CHEUNG: All right, well joining us now for a discussion on the US economy and Federal Reserve policy is the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago President Charles Evans. President Evans, thanks so much for joining us here on Yahoo Finance today.

CHARLES EVANS: Thanks, Brian. Happy to be here.

BRIAN CHEUNG: So I wanted to kick things off with the discussion about the labor market. So we did see jobless claims on Thursday morning. Still 1.3 million Americans turning to unemployment insurance when you add Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. Now, the Fed has said that it’s going to keep rates at

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French arrest 29 in cryptocurrency scheme to finance jihadis

PARIS (AP) — French police arrested 29 people around the country on Tuesday in a vast operation to break a complex scheme financing Islamist extremists in Syria through the use of cryptocurrencies.

A statement from the anti-terrorism prosecutor’s office said search warrants are out for the two main figures in the scheme, French jihadis who have likely been in northwest Syria since 2013 and are suspected of creating “the architecture of this network of terrorism financing.”

They were identified only as Mesut S. and Walid F., both 25 years old, and suspected of being members of Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham, affiliated with al-Qaida. They were both convicted in France in 2016 and sentenced in absentia to 10-year prison terms.

The 29 people detained for questioning Tuesday are aged 22 to 66. Most of them are suspected of injecting funds into the network. Two of them are thought to have had

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Now Finance Secured Personal Loan Review

Main points to consider with a Now Finance personal loan

Now Finance secured personal loans feature personalised rates. Therefore, the better your credit score, the lower the rate that you could be offered. Rates vary between 5.95% p.a. and 15.45% p.a. with comparison rates varying between 7.60% p.a. and 17.07% p.a.

Now Finance also offers a personalised service, where loan customers are allocated a personal loan advisor to guide them through the loan process. These advisors can talk to you over the phone to help you understand your rate, repayment schedule, and all fees and charges associated with your personal loan application. Loan advisors are there to help borrowers from application to settlement, and even throughout their loan term.

Features of a Now Finance personal loan

Now Finance’s personal loans come with the following features:

  • Personalised rate. Rates for Now Finance loans are risk-based. So, the better your score, the
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AI in Finance 2020: Applications & Benefits in Financial Services

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing how consumers and companies alike access and manager their finances.
  • And with the aggregate potential cost savings for banks from AI applications estimated at $447 billion by 2023, banks are finding new ways to incorporate the tech into their services. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) in finance encompasses everything from chatbot assistants to fraud detection and task automation. Most banks (80%) are highly aware of the potential benefits presented by AI, according to Insider Intelligence’s AI in Banking report. 

The decision for financial institutions (FIs) to adopt AI will be accelerated by technological advancement, increased user acceptance, and shifting regulatory frameworks. Banks using AI can vastly improve the customer experience by offering 24/7 access to their accounts and financial advice services. 

Applications of AI in Financial Services

With key business benefits and pressure from tech savvy consumers top of mind, AI is being implemented by FIs across

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Exclusive: No single pension regulator; retirement, annuity plans will remain under IRDAI purview: Finance Ministry

diagram, engineering drawing: Exclusive: No single pension regulator; retirement, annuity plans will remain under IRDAI purview: Finance Ministry

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Exclusive: No single pension regulator; retirement, annuity plans will remain under IRDAI purview: Finance Ministry

In what could be a missed opportunity, the finance ministry has decided that annuity plans will be regulated by IRDAI, while PFRDA will oversee pension products. This means that the current regulatory structure will continue and pension products across the financial sector will be overseen by various financial regulators.

In 2015, PFRDA had sought permission from the government to be the sole regulator for all pension products, including those sold by insurers.

PFRDA has agreed to the new arrangement on the condition that any unregulated pension product in the market will come under its purview.

Missed opportunity

For customers, having a single regulator would have been an easier solution. At present, pension products having retirement benefits as well as annuity components come under the ambit of multiple regulators. If there was a

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