Day: October 4, 2020

Stocks to buy, 23 high-conviction ideas across major themes: UBS

  • Keith Parker, UBS’ chief US equity strategist, has identified a number of catalysts that have been swinging the markets to wins and losses in recent weeks. 
  • Parker and his team remain bullish on the stock market despite the risks and uncertainties ahead.
  • They mapped out key themes that they believe will offer investors attractive upside and limited downside.
  • The team screened the equity universe for 23 stocks exposed to such themes and incorporated UBS analysts’ views into the stocks that made the cut. 
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A lot of catalysts are moving the stock market these days. 

From the potential passage of another stimulus bill, election-related uncertainty, and another surge in COVID-19 cases to news of a vaccine, an unexpected rise in unemployment, and pent-up consumer savings, these headwinds and tailwinds are what UBS strategist Keith Parker calls “cross-currents.”

“With all the catalysts on the horizon,

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How Academia Can Do More to Advance Sustainable Finance

(Illustration by iStock/A-Digit)

For far too long, mainstream finance education has focused on teaching financial principles and tools based on the assumption that most of humankind will be lifted by free and perfectly competitive markets in which individuals work in their own self-interest. Unfortunately, negative externalities and market failures, long ignored in finance, are today our most critical problems. The COVID-19 pandemic has killed millions around the globe, climate change threatens the planet, economies are leaving far too many people behind, longstanding injustices have fueled major protests, and authoritarianism is attacking democracies.

Now more than ever, scholars must connect finance to its fundamental purpose, which Robert Schiller defines in the book Finance and the Good Society as “the structuring of the economic arrangements necessary to achieve a set of goals and of the stewardship of the assets needed for that achievement.” Sustainable finance provides the arrangements and the stewardship necessary

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Hodgen Mainda’s first year leading Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance brings big challenges

Hodgen Mainda had to move fast to climb the learning curve in his new role as commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance.

Five months after he stepped into the job leading 800 employees who serve 6.8 million Tennesseans, tornados tore through Middle Tennessee, killing 25 people and causing more than $1.5 billion in property loss. For Mainda, severe storms mean time in the field with his team to see the damage and talk with people on the ground.

“My approach has been we need to see firsthand the affected areas,” Mainda says.

Then, just two days after those storms, the first case of COVID-19 was reported in Tennessee.

“We made a hard pivot and engaged all the health insurance companies in the state — eight of them — and issued guidance for covering costs and co-pays,” Mainda says.

One month after that, a line of overnight Easter

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